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Rachel Newcombe (2019) states that toddlers learn in a variety of ways, but the key methods of understanding and learning about the world around them fall into the following main categories:
  • Through watching and observing things that are going around them, in the home and when out and about.

  • Through listening to conversations between family members, old and young, and when out and about.

  • Through asking lots of questions about things they don’t understand or want to learn more about.

  • Through trying out new activities – often things they copy from you or their siblings.

  • Through practising all the skills as they learn them, as practice eventually makes perfect.

Use these resources to develop an early animal care education opportunity for your little one!

Please get in contact if you know of any additional resources you think would fit in here. 

These fun animated videos have been designed to teach little ones about the noises that different animals make. Click the images to be taken to the YouTube links!


Dr Sally Goldberg published 'Baby and Toddler Learning Fun in 2007 and Google books offers a preview. 

This book doesn't just offer insight into toddler learning, but it provides some activity ideas which you can apply to all kinds of learning.

Click the picture to the left to see the preview; it also has a link to purchase the e-book for £4.99. 

We are not affiliated with the author, publisher or purchasing company; this is not a sponsored post. 

Download our free animal flashcards with stunning images of real animals, all labelled with names. 
Download and show your little ones; with soothing colours and fun shapes, it would look lovely on a loop on a TV, monitor or electronic photo frame. 

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