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Vivadogs postal subscription box review!

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Firstly, watch my video. It’s not long – go on, even if it’s just for the pupper!

To highlight the key themes of this service taken from the website, you should get:

*5-6 full sized products! No sample sizes here!

*Prices from £13.90 including delivery (I was quoted £19.90 for my medium dog box)

*Great value for money!

*Vivadogs exclusive products – you can only get some of these products from this service!

So, lets get into the full #review

The box arrives in the post like this! Now I had been temporarily hoofed from the house so that the entire place could be gutted and have the plumbing sorted out – but that didn’t stop me playing with the dogs on the grass outside!

I used my keys to hack my way into the plastic wrap and was delighted to see this lovely branded box and the awesome packaging evolve into a fun parcel of surprises.

Now the presents were packed in together along with a ‘garnish’ of this straw type stuff – it didn’t seem necessary but it was a nice touch all the same. See the video for my thoughts on the garnish!

The toy was the first thing out of the box and I ignored all safety advice as the dogs ran over to remove it from me and proceed to run about it with gleefully. Awesome – we are off to a good start.

The reindeer toy was an instant hit with its knotted belly, hefty weight and sturdy structure. It also had a squeaker in the forehead! Kong have always been good quality toys, but this is not a vivadogs exclusive as I found it on amazon.

Cumulative frequency: (total so far) £6.99 (+4.49 delivery)

I did eventually manage to pry the toy back from these two to remove the packaging! Btw…

At this point I had gained a lot of interest from my gannet of a furchild, Wolfgang, and had to fight my way through the rest of my video and photo footage, as one will have seen in the video. This as an enrichment was AMAZING although I worry he will now think all parcels are for him…

The healthy centres mature cheese flavour treats were and continue to be a big hit. They are 6 calories a pop, smell strongly of cheese, are crunchy but not hard and have added health benefits!

The rustley packet created great excitement and I reckon the dogs would have taken the whole bag from me (Wolfie did try…) had I let them.

I have found these online but they are only available internationally, way way outside of the UK. This makes me believe these are more of an exclusive item, and when I want to replace them, I will have to buy similar products such as these from viovets or these from amazon.

Now similar products are on the market (see links above) for £1.63 for 113g (viovets) but the packet I received was 80g. Not full sized? Or just the smaller of two size optionS? Either way I can’t source an 80g alternative so this brings our cumulative total toooo:

£8.62 (+£7.48 delivery).

Now tail twisters is a brand I have seen before and I have even tried one the products I received in this parcel, but we will get to that later. Here are the crispy meaty bacon rashers!

Now I’ve always been wary of feeding pork products to my dogs as I’ve experienced upset stomachs and projectile diarrhoea from my German shepherd – but these are actually mostly chicken with some pork and gelatin. So, very good we will give them a go…

Wolfie loved these and proceeded to come back for more, and as you saw in the video, the huge neighbour doggo ended up taking the bacon and rejecting the rest!

Now these can be bought in the UK but they are out of stock. They are unavailable at Amazon, and at Tesco. They cannot be sourced anywhere else as far as I’m concerned.

Exclusive? Somewhat. Also, I cannot find a price for these, so I am going to put them at the same price as their drumstick counterpart, which is [spoiler alert] £2. Delivery is unnecessary as they can usually be picked up from the supermarket.

Current cumulative total: £10.62 (+£7.48 delivery).

The second part of the tail twisters duo is the elusive drumstick. Now I have a history with these.

I won’t beat around the bush – I hate this product. I bought them for Aubrey and pup as they boasted to bw ‘low fat treats that strengthen gums’ – brilliant for Aubs who won’t touch a dentastick and for my teething little chew-monster! But these are AWFUL. They are rock hard, have sharp and abrasive texture and feel completely unnatural. I didn’t even give them to my dogs and they went into the bin.

Now you saw in the video that large doggo rejected these also – just be aware that had he wanted it, I wouldn’t have let him have it and would have swapped for something yummier. Funnily enough, when looking up prices, I found a post by the Sun about a disgruntled customer. I don’t normally even give the Sun the time of day but this article says it all.

I also want to mention whilst I’m here, that the extra packaging (the plastic wrap) seems pointless. THE TURTLES AND FISH ARE DYING PEOPLE THERE IS NO NEED. If the foil isn’t good enough, then why weren’t the bacon rashers also plastic wrapped?

This isn’t so much a grievance with vivadogs, more tail twisters as a brand, but I have to believe that someone over at vivadogs reviewed these products before shipping them off? Right?

Anyway, our cumulative total is: £12.62 (+£7.48 delivery).

Our final product other than the garnish is this unlabelled, un-packaged, un-branded ‘rawhide’ chew. I say ‘rawhide’ because this is an assumption by me – I have had no confirmation from vivadogs that this is correct. 10/10 for less packaging/ plastic. Good job.

This product however did not get the interest of Aubrey beyond a fetch stick…

The puppy however managed to unravel it into a long, sharp choke hazard. Honestly, the ends were a nightmare they were sharp and I found this to be scary, so it was lured away and binned. I’m not a fan of rawhide as a rule, given I’ve seen and heard some bad stories and Aubrey just doesn’t like hard chews.

Now I looked this one up but without manufacturer or brand info, I didn’t get very far. I found a dupe on amazon for a bigger version – 12-13 inches specifically, which comes in at £9.02 with free delivery. I’m going to safely assume this product is in fact a vivadogs exclusive, as I’ve struggled to find any rawhide braids that are this thing and this short (roughly 10 inches). One of my least favourite retailers does offer a rawhide treat (complete with plastic packaging) that is the same length but offers a thicker braid, and it appears a lot less flimsy.

My dogs won’t be interested but it helps bring us to a nice final cumulative totals of: £17.62 (+£10.43 delivery).

Final thoughts:

If you consider that sourcing the items yourself would cost you £28.05 (including delivery) vs. the £19.90 I was give by vivadogs for a monthly subscription, this is indeed great value for money! If you are in a position to order 6 months or 12 months at a time, you are going to get an even better deal.

Realistically however, the products are not going to cost you £28.05 or anywhere near it; you are unlikely to purchase the reindeer for £6.99 if delivery is going to cost you £4.49 – you’re going to order an alternative with prime, or select a similar kong product from a pet store. As I said before however, if you can pay in a block, you will be getting a good deal and saving yourself having to select and try new products.

As for the products themselves, I was very impressed with the high quality kong product I received, and the cheese healthy centre treats were a big hit. The tail twisters products, and the unbranded rawhide braid however were a real miss. Also, I’m not so convinced that these producsts are exclusive – a quick google bought many of these up for me!

For the £5 promotion, this was awesome! But am I going to pay £19.90 for their next box? No, I’m not.

I’ve had a sneak preview on the website of September’s box and the products again seem to come in as a mixture of first impressions:

So once again I can see some high quality looking toys, but there are also some hard looking treats again and OH BLIMEY THERE’S MORE BACON RASHERS! Hey, at least it isn’t the drumsticks.

Bare in mind that this box will contain 5-6 products depending on your dog size preferences, but you could get £5 off making this an interesting one to try if you fancy it.

Also, just a note, that there is a cat alternative called ‘Vivacats‘! Very inclusive.

I hope you’ve learned something and found this informative – I’d like to continue to review products like this so consumers and pet lovers alike can make informed decisions.

Take it easy guys!


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