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Updated: Oct 19, 2019

So following my own #advice, I have #created a #giant #frozen #treat for the #doggos! This was a really #longlasting way to #cool them down and provide much needed #enrichment during the day as their walks are having to be done really early and really late due to the sweltering #heat. It has also been a way to revive interest in #eating and increased #hydration. Let’s have a look!

(If you’re only here to see my pup bury his whole face in it, scroll to the bottom LOL).

Step 1 – select your ingredients!

I’ve chosen peanut butter, dog paté (I’m using Naturo, duck flavoured), chicken treats by Tails.com, grated cheddar cheese and organic carrots.

You need to make sure that you are using dog safe products, and that the peanut butter does not contain Xyltiol, a sweetener used in reduced sugar products that is highly toxic to dogs. Also, any treats should be provided in moderation as part of a dog’s complete diet, as not to promote weight gain.

I have also selected some toys which are clean and water resistant. The high the surface area on the shape, the harder it will be for them to get it out of the ice! I have also chosen a little football because FOOTBALL’S COMING HOME. #England #Worldcup

Step 2 – start putting your ingredients into a freezer safe container

First I smeared peanut butter onto the bowl using the back if a spoon (yes i licked the spoon after).

Then I smeared duck paté in the same way. This was less sticky but stuck in the ice better. I’d use more of this next time.

I then chopped the ends off of the carrots, purely for symmetry reasons and so I could give the ends to the guinea pigs. I chopped them into sticks and circles and placed them on their ends.

I then sprinkled just a tablespoon of cheese in but how much you use is up to you. As mine are small and slightly cheese-crazy I didn’t want to over do it! I’ve also prepared a jug of cold cold water.

Step 3 – add some ice and toys

I use ice to full up as much of the bowl as possible to lower freezing time and so my food and toys aren’t too disrupted whilst pouring in the water. I placed ice ‘cubes’ (this is the shape our fridge ice maker makes them so…) on and in between the carrot sticks then placed in the cool teething ring. I put little doggo treats in next and then levelled it out with more ice.

Step 4 – fill ‘er up!

I used more ice and my circles of carrot to surround the rubber ducky, the spiky ball and the little football (IT’S COMING HOME). I wanted to pack it in as best as I could and rinsed the fridge of ice. Luckily, we have an emergency bag of party ice you can buy from tesco for our gin and fruit cider. Phew. Had this had been a much smaller frozen treat, the ice would probably have been unnecessary.

Step 5 – water and freeze!

Note to self: The balls and ducky float. That’s OK, I don’t mind them sticking out! I also made sure I had enough room in the freezer to place this bad-boy in. It’s huge. That’s a pyex mixing bowl! I decided to give this a full 8 hours+ to freeze entirely and left it fully overnight until 12pm the next day.

Remind your puppy that patience is a virtue and offer them an ice cube as a teaser for the real thing.

Step 6 – release and serve!

Now you may need to help your frozen mega treat out of the bowl by turning it upside down and warming it slightly. If you pour boiling water on a frozen dish it will crack/ explode, just as if you put a cold glass dish in the oven. I slowly warmed it up by placing it in a shallow sink of warm water and leaving it for 10 minutes. When i went to turn it over, it slid straight out! I placed it outside on the decking because I’m not having that kind of mess in the kitchen and the dogs were on it like a bag of hot chips.

Aubrey was interested for about 12 seconds, but eventually came back and killed it when she realised her precious toys were stuck.

Wolfgang however wouldn’t leave it alone, and ended up hollowing out the middle and sticking his face in it. Amazing!

The giant treatie, with help from Wolfgang, lasted roughly 6/7 hours. It took us through England’s victory against Sweden in the world up and lasted right into the evening. 10/10 will be doing again!

See Aubrey and Wolfgang playing with the treat on our facebook and instagram page!

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